28 Day Challenge: “End of week four – Challenge complete!”

What’s the challenge?

This Stoptober, Councillor Alison Griffiths took on the 28-Day Challenge. A challenge we put out to you to kick the habit for 28-Days! It’s been an amazing journey for Alison, and she’s shared her journey with you by vlogging her experiences.

?️ “It’s been up and down – a pure roller coaster. I’ve had some days. where I’m the strongest person in the world and I feel so great. I don’t need no help I can give up cigarettes forever…”

It’s been a journey of ups and downs, but it just goes to show that kicking the habit is no easy feat.

?️ “…And then the next day I wake up… I’m on the floor. I just need a cigarette. I’d do anything for a cigarette life is not fair and I hate this challenge!! So, it’s been all over the place, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself!”

For anyone wanting to take on the 28Day Challenge, you will continue to receive support from us beyond the 28 Days! We just know that once you hit that 28 Days, you are FIVE times more likely to stay quit for good! Take the challenge today by clicking the link ?

A Review of Alison’s Journey

Week One

Alison had her first few phone calls with her Quit Coach, Fionn, preparing her for 1st October (her quit date). She used a medication called Champix, which works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain and slowly releasing dopamine to help relieve cravings. Taken once in the morning and once in the evening, the drug is shown to be highly effective and a great method to kick the habit!

The challenge started well. Emotions were high and confidence was strong.

?️ “It’s been absolutely fine, I thought it would be really difficult, but I was absolutely fine”.

?️ “Today’s been really positive, I’ve been feeling pretty good. It’s just not what I expected, I thought I would be crying by now.”

However, as the week progressed, the challenge got harder. Alison went away to Greece, where she was exposed to a high number of smokers. She had one cigarette when she was out one evening.

?️ “Honestly, I have come to Greece for a couple of days… I have to admit I had one cigarette”.

?️ “Doesn’t change anything, I am still doing exactly what I said I was going to do.”

?️ “Even though I am really angry, I am not going to beat myself up over it. It’s one cigarette in eight days.”

Week Two

Kicking the habit is not easy. Alison had made fantastic progress so far and was determined to complete the 28 Day Challenge.

Barcley, who is a Stop Smoking Advisor at One You Surrey, commented on Alison’s 28-Day Journey so far.

?️ “Alison has done brilliantly so far, to completely cut-out cigarettes is a very difficult task! So what she had one cigarette, we are all human. What is key for Alison is to focus on how far she has come and to remind herself why she has quit smoking. Great job Alison, keep going!”

Quitting has many benefits, and just two weeks in Alison began to see the benefits of it.

?️ “I feel fitter. I can breathe. I feel so good about it.”

?️ “I can taste so much better, people say that your taste buds and your smell starts to come back. I am really starting to taste a lot more, and I love food!”

Not just the physical benefits either. Going from 20-30 cigarettes per day to none, Alison has saved on average £10 per day.

?️ “I am £130 richer. I keep saying this. But I am really pleased with it. It has gone towards my holiday and rented quad bikes with the money I saved. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I hadn’t stopped smoking”.

Week Three

Returning from Greece, Alison was faced with the stresses of work. She had been reliant on her e-cigarette, which unfortunately broke when she was away in Greece. And without even thinking about it, Alison had two cigarettes during a break.

?️ “I was tired, I was ratty, and I just wanted a cigarette. I couldn’t see the benefit in not smoking, which seems ridiculous now!”

?️ “Anyone out there who has done 24 days without one cigarette, I say hats off to you”

It was a one-off, Alison was determined to continue and is going to restart her challenge next month. We all have our blips, but we are human after all!

One of our Smoking Advisors, Greg, commented on Alison’s Journey:

?️ “Quitting smoking is not easy and can take up to seven times to successfully quit for good. It’s important to focus on why you’re trying to quit in the first place and not give up.”

Week Four

Here we are. We made it! The end of the 28-Day Challenge! Alison Griffiths has completed it and has saved herself £280 in the process.

Alison has done fantastically, and despite her having 3 blips across the 28 days, she has accomplished something amazing!

?️ “We’re all incredibly proud of you, and we look forward to supporting you further over the coming weeks!”

From all of us at One You Surrey & 28 Days ??

What Happens After the 28-Day Challenge?

For anyone wanting to take on the 28Day Challenge, you will continue to receive support from us beyond the 28 Days! We just know that once you hit that 28 Days, you are FIVE times more likely to stay quit for good! The 28-Days team are committed to keep you smoke free and will continue to support you as they did during the challenge!

It’s important to note that the 28-Day Challenge isn’t just a Stoptober campaign. It runs all year round. That means you can take part in the challenge right now! Do it alone, with work colleagues, family or even your neighbour!

Why should I join up?

Christmas and New Years is fast approaching. Why not sort your Christmas shopping out by taking the challenge and bagging yourself £280?!

Click the link below, and you too can become a better, fitter, quitter.