Cllr. Alison Griffiths has given herself the challenge of taking on the 28 Day Challenge.

During Stoptober she is giving up smoking for good with the support of One You Surrey and the 28 Day Challenge. Throughout her journey, Alison has shared her experiencing by vlogging along the way.

what struggles has alison faced?

Despite having one cigarette at the beginning of week one, Alison has soldiered on and continued to remain SmokeFree. Alison has shown great determination and grit throughout and has been a real inspiration to all others who are attempting the same challenge.

Since going out to Greece for her holiday, Alison’s noticed an increased prevalence in the number of smokers. This has made her crave a cigarette more, however, with great mental determination she is sticking through.

“I have spent the whole day without a cigarette. Which means I am strong enough and I can do it.”

Alison Griffiths

There are many more challenges to come. Duty-free seems to be a factor that is playing on Alison’s mind – as well as returning to her stressful day-to-day life of work.

“Alison knows what challenges are coming her way. By knowing these challenges, we can help her best prepare on how to overcome them and remain smoke free. She’s done brilliantly so far and should be happy with her progress.”

Charlotte, Stop Smoking Advisor


Alison’s decision to use a vape pen throughout her quit attempt has been a controversial conversation on social media. Our Stop Smoking Advisors do not prescribe any form of vape as a method of stopping smoking. However we do support clients who choose to use a vape on their own accord as a part of the behaviour change therapy given throughout the quit attempt.

“E-Cigarettes are not completely risk-free, but experts estimate that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. E-cigarette vapour contains some potentially harmful chemicals also found in tobacco smoke, but at much lower levels.”

Many people think that nicotine is very harmful to health. In fact, although it is addictive, nicotine is relatively harmless: it’s the thousands of other chemicals in tobacco smoke that cause almost all the harm from smoking.”

One You – Public Health England*

A review of week two

Day 10

“One cigarette in ten days for is absolutely amazing, so feeling really positive”.


It is now the end of week 2! We have reached the half way mark of the 28Day Challenge! ??Cllr Alison L Griffiths. continues to share her journey.Follow her journey so far at the following link:bit.ly/stoptober28days

Posted by One You Surrey on Tuesday, 15 October 2019
End of Week Two Vlog.

“Its been difficult. Being away has been really difficult. Everyone in Greece smokes, and you can smoke inside has been really hard for me.”

“My coach, Fionn, was really pleased with my progress. He provided me with lots of support on how to overcome the challenges I am facing.”

“I just want to thank everyone, and I am really pleased I took on this challenge”.

“I can taste so much better, people say that your taste buds and your smell starts to come back. I am really starting to taste a lot more, and I love food!”

Day 13

“Went on a big trek and climbed up to the Black Caves in Greece. Feeling really good. Found it quite easy. I don’t think it would have been that easy thirteen days ago.”

“Whenever I feel a crave, I have so much to do. I can go for a walk, I can go swimming.”

“I am £130 richer. I keep saying this. But I am really pleased with it. It has gone towards my holiday and rented quad bikes with the money I saved. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I hadn’t stopped smoking”.

Day 14

 “I feel fitter. I can breathe. I feel so good about it.”

“Struggled a lot today, I have to say. Every 30 seconds has been ‘I want a cigarette’. But I have to get through it. I am not a smoker anymore. Smoking is not an option.”

“I am feeling really proud of myself. I think I am doing quite well.”

“It’s not 28-Days, it’s a life time. For me, it is a healthy lifestyle change. I hope that this will mean I will continue to live a better life.”

Did you know?

When Alison completes the 28-Day Challenge, she will statistically up to five times (YES FIVE) more likely to have quit for good because of the behavioural change support?

That’s why we want you to take part in the challenge yourself.

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* https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/for-your-body/quit-smoking/using-e-cigarettes-vapes-to-quit-smoking/