Here we go again – January it is

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again…

January 2020. Oh my. Didn’t I write a similar blog last year? About starting and committing to a change and even sharing it so I was more likely to stick to it?

Well have I just. It worked for a while but it’s certainly all gone to pot again over Christmas – (well, probably more like since the summer holidays really. You know: coming back after holiday and not quite managing the switch back to healthier eating? And then it’s almost Christmas come October and it’s hardly worth starting…).

So here I am again at the start of the New Year dedicated to starting over again… It gave me a right shock standing on the scales the Monday after New Year’s Day. Immediately followed by me chucking all the leftover chocolate still loitering around into the bin straight away. My kids are going to hate me later, but oh well, moderation has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

Right. So where next I asked myself? I’ve been over this “New Year’s resolution diet” so many times I don’t really want to go there again. Plus, I was actually feeling rather miserable about the fact that I simply don’t seem to be able to break my yoyo dieting pattern and keep my weight stable. I am sure there is somebody out there who can relate to this?

It really bugs me that I can’t seem to stick to a better way of eating.  

But my thinking right now is this: just to try something different this time I wanted to start with exercise and then bring better eating in line once I am doing that.

I’ve decided that throughout January I’m going to be active every single day. Yes, every single day. While that may sound daunting, all it is to do a bit of exercise for every day of the month. And even better: it can be any type of exercise or any combination of exercises you enjoy. So, it could be going for a walk in your lunchbreak one day and going for a run another.

Or, as in my case, I have actually started taking my dog out at least 4 times per week rather than leaving that for the kids to do and on the other days I am going for a swim. That’s my 2020 team! Taking the dog for a walk feels doable, so far so good.

I decided to go for exercise after reading about the RED campaign. If the thinking behind the campaign is right, then by just me being more active I will feel better in myself and in my mental wellbeing as a result. That has me quite excited right now actually, just thinking about it. And believe it or not: I am halfway through and its great. Well – not so great when it’s pouring down with rain. Again. But actually, I have discovered that you still get fresh air, that it’s still enjoyable even if in a different way. And, more importantly: it has made me feel more alert and positive as a result. So if it takes getting a little wet every now and then, so be it.

As for the eating better as a result – hm. That is still work in progress and my dog’s less reluctant to get involved.

The coming home after exercise does seem to focus me on then not wanting to consume all the calories in a treat. It often helps me choose the apple over the chocolate bar. Funny that, isn’t it? How looking after one aspect of your body helps looking after another?

But there is still the odd time where I simply can’t resist the chocolate…

As I am only half-way through the month – I am still holding my breath. If you’re reading this thinking “Had I known this was on I would have joined in”, then please still do. There is safety in numbers and going for two weeks is better than not getting active at all. I would love it if one or more of you would be up for joining me in Team Up for 2020.

Thanks for listening and here is to all of us doing well and feeling better this January.

Here it is from LINDA.