How Are your health habits?

While each and every day is the perfect opportunity to implement change for the better. It is understandable that the beginning of a new year may seem an appropriate time to really focus on the health habits we want to build on.

Has there been a health habit you’ve stuck with this year?

This January, we are asking ‘How Are Your Health Habits?’ A new decade is as good a prompt as any to develop new health habits. Throughout January we’ll get into the nitty gritty of why our bodies need at least one month to form new habits and how you can make small changes that will help the habits stick in the long-term.

There are varying pieces of research to suggest how many days it takes to form a new habit. If we can set realistic goals and implement change in our lifestyle for every single day of January whilst motivation is high, then we are confident that this will set us in good stead to have formed the habit. We are all about small, realistic and maintainable lifestyle changes as opposed to drastic diet fads which will only leave us feeling defeated and down when they inevitably don’t stick. As we all know, preparation is key to success.

Watch the video below for Dr Linda Papadopoulos’ top tips and ideas for sticking with your resolutions..

So this December, amidst all of the wonderful festivities, start to plan what it is exactly that you would like to implement as your habit goal. Remember, this is something we want to continue for life, so there is no point in choosing something that is simply unrealistic or going to make you miserable!

Some examples of SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-bound) goals could be:

  • Consuming 5 portions of fruit and veg every day
  • Doing at least 15 minutes of physical activity every day
  • Not adding any sugar to tea/coffee
  • Set a quit date and take on the 28 Day Challenge & remain smokefree for those 28 days.

Greg, one of our smoking advisors, says that

“Kicking the habit of smoking is by far one the best new years resolutions you can set yourself. Easier yet, all residents in Surrey have a great service available at the push of the button [calling 01737 652168]. You’re 4 times more likely to quit by using a specialist service, so don’t go it alone!”

Stay tuned for more information and resources! In the meantime, enter our competition to win one of FIFTEEN prizes on offer to kick-start your new health habits going into the new year.