Janet’s Weight Loss Story

“The best thing that’s happened as a result of my weight loss is that I feel so much better.”

How did you hear about our service?

I was told by my GP that he would refer me to a dietitian to lose weight, but they would not take me on as my BMI was too large. The dietician said I needed to go on a weight management programme and suggested Slimming World, which One You Surrey provided for free, otherwise I may need gastric bypass surgery, and I didn’t want that.

I probably wouldn’t have joined Slimming World if I hadn’t been referred, but when I first joined, I felt very enthusiastic to get things going and I still feel the same now.

What made you take that first step to want lose weight?

Being overweight was affecting my health. I was getting breathless when walking up slopes/hills/steps etc and my legs would ache far more than they do now.

Describe your journey on the programme

I love Christine, our Slimming World consultant – she is good fun to be around and very supportive and upbeat. The group are a great lot of people of all different ages. I enjoy making my meals so much healthier. I will be continuing attending the group and paying myself as I want to lose two more stone.

How are you feeling now?

I feel so much better already and can walk quicker and further without getting breathless. I am retired so I am doing a lot more walking these days, either on my own or with friends.

The best thing that’s happened as a result of my weight loss is that I feel so much better. I am getting lots of compliments and I’m in smaller size clothes as my measurements have reduced too.

Start weight: 16st 3Ib

Current weight: 13st 7Ib