Lee Nelson’s Nan Uses Champix To Quit Smoking!

Anyone who’s tried to quit smoking before probably would have heard of Champix. A prescription drug containing an active substance called varenicline.

But how does it stop you smoking?

Simply put. Champix works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain to stop craving (we know it’s much more complicated than that!).
Taken twice a day for 12 weeks, Champix is one of the medications offered at One You Surrey (along with Nicotine Replacement). We would always recommend taking Champix with specialist advice from a stop smoking service! It means you’re more likely to take them correctly and we will be able to guide you through the process!

Statistically. You are 3 times as likely to successfully quit smoking with specialist support.

Kathy Berry (Lee Nelson’s Nan)

You may remember Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show, that used to be on BBC. Kathy Berry, who played Lee Nelson’s Nan on the show, used our service to quit smoking.

She’s kindly shared her experience with you below

Can you tell us a bit about your background Kathy?

I was a hairdresser by trade, but have worked as an actress for the past 25 years.

Have you appeared in anything well known?

Yes, the BBC ‘Lee Nelson Well Good Show’ where I appeared as the character ‘Nan’, and frequently over the years on Eastenders as an extra.

Is there a lot of smoking on set?

Not like there used to be! Some of the actors smoke, but not many. They are too busy working!

So when did you start smoking?

I was 18 at the time, a friend kept asking me to try one and eventually I gave in, and that was it! I carried on smoking for 40 years and wish I had never started!

So what made you want to stop?

It was a mixture of things. Health mainly, regular coughs and a bad chest. 
The cost of smoking as well. I also knew a few people who had quit and thought if they could do it so can I.

How much could you save using our service?

Picture of Kathy Berry after quitting smoking with us!
Had you tried to stop smoking on your own previously?

A few times yes. I used a vape but it gave me pains in my lungs so I stopped that. I also tried using patches but I carried on smoking.

What is a vape?

How did you find out about the One You Surrey stop smoking clinic?

A friend of mine was already on the course and highly recommended the service, she said to me ‘do you want to quit together?’ so I thought why not?

Did you find the stop smoking support helpful?

I couldn’t have done it on my own. The advisor was very encouraging, and it was all done in a very informal, nice and friendly manner.
I would 100% recommend the course to other smokers.

Did you use medication to help you quit?

I used Champix. I had tried nicotine replacement in the past and found it wasn’t for me, although my son quit successfully using the patches.

Would you recommend Champix to others?

100%. Initially, I had some nausea but used anti-sickness medication to help me through that. Once I got used to it I didn’t have any side effects at all. On the 12th day of using the tablets I quit smoking and by the 3rd week I was waking up in the morning and not even thinking about smoking! I have just completed 12 weeks smoke-free and I am determined I won’t smoke ever again!

What advice would you give to other smokers out there who are thinking of quitting?

Just go for it! You have nothing to lose so why not give it a try? For me the course with using Champix was wonderful.

Join Kathy & hundreds of others to successfully go smoke-free!

One You Surrey is a free service, and with our expert help, you’re 3 times more likely to successfully quit.

No matter where you are on your quit journey, get in contact and see how we can help you.