Smoking & Mental Health

How One You Surrey works with Mental Health Services


We work closely with mental health services across Surrey through our stop smoking mental health lead, Greg.


Below is a video highlighting how exactly we do that as well as highlighting the different referral routes into our service.

How we work with mental health services & smokers


After receiving a referral, our mental health lead, Greg, will contact the patient within 48 hours.

The first appointment is 30-minutes, followed up weekly 15-minute appointments

We make 3 contact attempts, which if unsuccessful will be followed by a text and in some cases a letter with our information.

The patient will receive free stop smoking nicotine replacement and behavioural therapy.

Every month we will report back to the respective mental health services about the patients smoking status to ensure a high quality & continuation of care.

Download our referral form

This can filled in electronically and sent back to us at [email protected]

Free Very Brief Advice Training available

We offer free Level-1 Very Brief Advice training to ensure that you’re well equipped to raise the issue of smoking and how to support them in quitting.


Topics include:
Tobacco & E-Cigarette use
Efficacy of a stop smoking service
Raising the issue of smoking
What a client can expect
How to refer/access our service

(Due to COVID-19, this training is also available remotely via Teams/Zoom)

If you have any questions regarding training or about smoking cessation & mental health

Contact Greg by clicking the button on the right.

Smoking & Mental Health Webinar

Below is a webinar we recently delivered on the relationship of Smoking & Mental Health.