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This year Alison is taking on the 28 Day challenge, so that she can get better, fitter, quitter. Alison doesn’t want to be taking this challenge alone and has extended the offer out to you, the Surrey Public, to join her!

What is the 28 Day challenge?


Cllr Alison L Griffiths. has completed the 28-Day Challenge!! ??"It's been up and down – a pure roller coaster. I've had some days. where I'm the strongest person in the world and I feel so great. I don't need no help I can give up cigarettes forever…" "…And then the next day I wake up.. I'm on the floor. I just need a cigarette. I'd do anything for a cigarette life is not fair and I hate this challenge!! So it's been all over the place, but I've learnt a lot about myself!""It doesn't matter when you want to start your 28 day challenge just start the challenge. Do it… DO IT. It works."Alison has done absolutely incredible. Going from 20-30 cigaretters per day for 20+ years, to only having 3 cigarettes over 28 days. That's over 500 cigarettes you haven't smoked and £280 you have saved!!! ??"We're all incredibly proud of you, and we look forward to supporting you further over the coming weeks!"From all of us at One You Surrey & 28 Days ??

Posted by One You Surrey on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

It’s a challenge being run by One You Surrey to give you an insight into the experience you could have if you went smoke free with the 28Day team. We know first-hand just how addictive it is, and that’s why we set up the challenge. Did you know, that if you were to go smoke free for the full 28 days, research has shown that you’re up to FIVE TIMES more likely to quit for good!

When is it?

We know you’re busy with day-to-day life and finding an extra 30 minutes can prove a difficult task. That’s why we made the 28-Day challenge completely remote, meaning it is flexible around your busy day.

What is it?

The telephone support service offers a combination therapy of behavioural and medicinal support (which research has shown to be up to FIVE TIMES as effective as going alone). You will be assigned your own personal Quit Coach, who will talk you through your quit and create your own personal quit plan.

How do I get involved?

Visit the 28Day page or call free on 03301 244 648 to speak to a specialist advisor.

Alison has set her quit date for the 1st October and extends the challenge out to you as well.. Check out the videos below to follow Alison’s journey during the first week of her attempt to become a better, fitter, quitter.

Find out how to start YOUR 28Day Challenge here.