Coronavirus has dramatically changed our daily routine and for many has raised concerns about their own health. In this case it is smoking. Which is why One You Surrey is encouraging Surrey residents to # QuitForCOVID during lockdown.

To help you understand what our service looks like, and what you might expect, Alison Griffiths has kindly agreed to document her journey for you!
See all her videos below:

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Who is Alison?

What is Quit For COVID?

Why should I Quit For COVID?


Appointment 1: Introduction to the service

Appointment 2: Alison’s Quit Date

Appointment 3: General Feelings so far

Appointment 4: Get on your bike!

Appointment 5: FOUR WEEKS QUIT!

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Alison’s Background

Previous Quit Attempts

Alison previously took on our 28-Day Challenge in Stoptober, where she was encouraged to quit smoking for 28 Days (https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/one-you-surrey-client-vlogs-28-day-challenge-for-stoptober/). She did incredibly well: saving loads of money, dramatically improving her health, going from 20+ cigarettes a day to none. Unfortunately, as we all know, smoking is an addiction and her habit with smoking has reformed.

This time round, Alison is back and attempting to quit smoking as part of our #QuitForCOVID challenge. Alison will be quitting smoking using our remote telephone & video call service, receiving friendly, specialist behavioural support (https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/quitting-smoking-during-lockdown-what-you-can-expect/) While taking the challenge, you will receive video updates and even a sneak peak into what a typical appointment with us would look like (more on that later).

What is # QuitForCOVID?

It’s a challenge/opportunity we are putting forward to the Surrey public to attempt to quit smoking during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Search the # QuitForCOVID hashtag on Twitter to find lots of useful information around quitting smoking!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook & Twitter so you can keep up to date with Alison’s # QuitForCOVID journey!

Why should I # QuitForCOVID?

Coronavirus is an illness that affects the lungs and airways. With the nature of smoking primarily affecting the lungs, this could pose a perfect opportunity to attempt quitting smoking.

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care recently said:
“It is abundantly clear from the research into previous coronaviruses that smoking makes the impact of a coronavirus worse.”

Smoking damages the lungs and weakens your immune system. This makes it more likely smokers will get complications and take longer to recover from an illness. By quitting for COVID, you are reducing the likelihood of any severe complications with COVID-19, and you’re also improving your health in the long run! https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/the-benefits-of-going-smokefree/

How can I #QuitForCOVID?

Our service is still fully operational. We’re offering remote support via telephone or video call (what Alison is using). For more information on our service during this time: https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/quitting-smoking-during-lockdown-what-you-can-expect/

Another bonus is that our service is free use! You will receive friendly specialist behavioural & medicinal support. This means you are 3 times more likely to successfully quit! Even better, because it’s free, every penny you’re not spending on cigarettes is a penny saved!

How much could you save using our service?

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Alison’s 1st Appointment

As we mentioned previously, all of our appointments are now over the phone/video call. Luckily for you, that means we were able to record to the first appointment to share with you what you might expect when using our service. For more information on what your first appointment might look like: https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/your-first-smoking-cessation-clinic/

Below is a video playlist of the appointment focusing on different aspects of quitting smoking:
– Alison’s Motivations for quitting smoking
– Typical Questions during first appointment
– Stop Smoking Medications
– Coronavirus Symptoms & Quitting
– Potential Challenges during lockdown
– Concerns about Coronavirus

Alison’s 2nd Appointment

It’s Alison’s quit date. She’s finding it tough so far. Particularly with being locked inside due to Coronvirus – unable to channel her cravings into her work like last time. Actually, being inside is a very common trigger. It can cause boredom (which as we know lets the mind wander). You can almost talk yourself into having a cigarette or another square of chocolate!

We addressed these issues in a previous blog. We compiled 10 top tips for helping your cravings in the home! Take a look here: https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/addressing-smoking-triggers-during-isolation/

The playlist below has 3 short snippets from her appointment. Alison talks openly about her cravings, challenges and also provides an update of how it has been so far.

Alison’s 3rd Appointment

We’re 1 week smokefree now! Alison is feeling confident about quitting and her partner as now joined her on her journey.

In this week’s appointment we discussed how everyone who quits smoking with us gets unlimited access to our online gym! Plenty of workouts for all different abilities – chair mobility right through to high intensity stuff. Click here for more information.

Join our facebook group!

Others going through the same quit journey are joining our stop smoking support group. Full of people going through the same journey. This is a great opportunity to discuss and motivate others. Even if you’ve quit before, it’s worth joining to share your motivation & wisdom!

What benefits you might expect when quitting smoking

Did you know you can experience benefits up to 20 minutes after quitting? Read our blogs on the benefits of quitting smoking (https://oneyousurrey.org.uk/category/benefits-of-quitting/)

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Alison’s 4th Appointment

Wow! Week 4 already. Alison is now two weeks SmokeFree using our service. At this point, nicotine should be completely out of her system. Her withdrawals may have reduced in intensity and breathing will become easier. In fact, she’s been out on her bike and finding it much easier and more enjoyable!

Champix is causing some problems for Alison, giving her some nausea in the evenings (which is not uncommon!). Thankfully, Alison was open and clear with Charlotte about this and they were able to come to a solution! There are certain methods of taking Champix which can help reduce these side effects such as: taking after a meal or with plenty of time before bed.

It’s important to use a stop smoking service when taking a drug like champix as the advisors will be more than aware of the potential side effects. Therefore, they will be more than able to help you with any concerns you may have!

Take a look at how the 4th appointment went below.

Alison’s 5th Appointment

She’s officially done it! FOUR WEEKS SMOKEFREE! For those of you who love a stat, Alison is now statistically 5 times more likely to quit for good.

Following her last appointment, Alison expressed concern that her dosage of Champix may be too strong. Because she was open and honest about her feelings using the drug, Charlotte (her advisor) was able to alter the dosage and she is feeling much more comfortable now!

During lockdown, you may find yourself with more free time at home – which could bring about some unwanted cravings. Thankfully for Alison, we offer a free online exercise on our platform called ‘The Other Room Gym‘. There’s something for everyone here – yoga, stretching, light exercise right through to High Intensity Workout for those looking for a challenge!