What’s your why?

Stephanie Lammond from One You Lincolnshire shares how she’s preparing to build new habits for 2020 as a part of the ‘How Are You’ campaign taking place throughout the month. 

Ok, so the urge to make a new start and break bad habits comes around every single year in January, right? You see your social media littered with inspiring posts about how people are going to become better or healthier versions of themselves. You might’ve even been swept up in it all and decided that yes, this too, would be your year. You join a gym, you start eating better, it feels good! Exciting even. 

But then…it’s someone’s birthday, you miss a gym session, you feel unwell, you’re too tired to make a healthy lunch for tomorrow. Soon, it’s a slippery slope and you’re right back where you started, and it’s not even reached February yet. Sound familiar? We hear ya’!

But how, I hear you ask, do you get out of this never-ending roundabout? The answer is simple, it’s finding your why. Your why is the reason you most want to make these changes.

Sometimes we are highly motivated and that’s great. Other days, life will get in the way and you’ll feel tired, stressed or like you don’t want to. Motivation alone is not reliable. Having your why is what’s going to keep you going on days like that.

So, please, take a minute. Why do you want to lose weight? Or get in shape? For example, if the reason is because you want to look better, ask yourself why? There will be a deeper reason. Here is an example:

‘I want to quit smoking’


‘’Because it’s bad for me’


‘I will save money’


‘Because I know if I keep smoking I won’t be able to watch my kids grow old. I won’t watch them finish school or graduate from University. I also won’t miss out on all the fun at the dinner table every time I go outside to have a cigarette. I want to be there to build lots of lovely memories with my friends and family.’

This of course, is just one example. You should all have your own reasons and the goal doesn’t have to be about quitting smoking, it could be any health goal. Once you know your why (it may take several hours or several days to think of and that’s ok!) write it down and stick it somewhere you will see every day. If you got emotional searching for your why, you know it means a lot to you and that stuff is powerful.

So, Surrey, what IS your why?

If it is quitting smoking, take 1 minute to fill in this form and we’ll contact you!

If it’s another health goal, visit the Healthy Surrey Website! They’ve got tonnes of information on how to support Surrey Residents.