Why Does Quitting Smoking Improve Your Mental Health?

Quitting doesn’t have to feel stressful.

It might not feel like a good time to quit smoking – but it is. Last year, during lockdown, one million people quit. New research confirms that those ex-smokers will now be feeling happier and more positive than if they were still smoking. We don’t often talk about the benefits of quitting smoking to mental health, but just as it improves your physical health, stopping smoking also improves your sense of wellbeing.

Why does quitting smoking improve your mental health?

Some smokers believe that smoking helps you to relax but smoking actually increases anxiety and tension.

Every day smokers will experience withdrawal symptoms that damage their mental wellbeing. When smokers haven’t had a cigarette for a while, the cravings for another can make them feel irritable and anxious. Nicotine provides a short-term fix to withdrawal symptoms and can temporarily relieve these feelings. Hence smokers often associate an improved mood with smoking but withdrawal symptoms quickly return as the effect of the nicotine wears off.  

Quitting smoking can improve your mental health by breaking the cycle of nicotine dependence. Research shows ex-smokers who have quit for at least 6 weeks have improved mental well-being than those who continue to smoke.

How can stop smoking aids help?

You’re 3 times more likely to quit with the help of a specialist stop smoking service.

One You Surrey stop smoking advisors can support you throughout your quit attempt with a combination of behavioural support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is medication that provides a low level of nicotine without the dangerous chemicals delivered in tobacco smoke such as tar and carbon monoxide. These medications improve a smoker’s chance of successfully quitting by helping to reduce unpleasant withdrawal effects. Medication does not eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal, but our ongoing behavioural support can help you to develop coping mechanisms.

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If you are a resident of Surrey, you can visit Catalyst for a range of mental health and wellbeing support.