Privacy Notice

Your personal information and what we do with it

Why do you collect my information? 


One You Surrey collects your information for inclusion on our Healthy Lifestyles programmes. Our service is commissioned by Surrey County Council. Your data will be used for marketing purposes and to enable us to deliver our services.  


Who do you get my data from? 


We get your information from Self-Referral, Healthcare Professionals and Community Services.  


How does data protection law allow you to use my data? 


The Data Protection legislation has two levels of data: 


If you have referred yourself into our service, we would be using your data on the basis that you have initially given us consent to do so, and from there that we are providing you with a healthcare service, which by itself gives us a basis for using your data. If you have been referred by a healthcare professional, we work on the understanding that they have discussed the initial referral with you and your agreement with it being made, and once it is received by us similarly, that we are providing you with a healthcare service. 


What information of mine do you use? 


The personal data we use for you includes name, location identifiers, online identifiers, physical and physiological, mental, social identify. We also use more sensitive special category data including race/ ethnicity, genetics/ biometrics, health records. 


Do you share my information with anyone? 


We share your information with our commissioners Surrey County Council and Health Care Professionals. We also share with GPs for Health Checks and Healthy Hearts Checks. 


Does any of my information get sent outside of the UK? 


We send your data outside the UK but not outside the EU. 


How long do you keep my information? 


We retain your information in compliance with the NHS Records Management Code of Practice 2021. 


What about my rights under Data Protection law, how can I activate them? 


Under Data Protection law you have the right to: 

  • Be informed how your data is used (which is what this leaflet is doing).  
  • Access to your information. 
  • Rectification of errors. 
  • Erasure (in certain circumstances). 
  • Restriction of processing (in certain circumstances) 
  • Objection to processing. 
  • Data Portability
  • Understand whether profiling or automated decision-making is being used (see Section 9).

If you would like to request or discuss any of these, please contact our Data Asset Owner using the details at the end of this leaflet.  


Do you use any automated decision-making or profiling on my information? 


We use your information to make automated decisions about your or profile you. This includes calculating Body Mass Index and Health Checks scores.  


What do I do if I am concerned about how you are using my information? 


In the first instance we would be grateful for the opportunity to respond to your concerns ourselves and hopefully sort out any issues for you. To help with this, please write to our Data Asset Owner at the following address: [email protected] 


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our support, you may take your complaint to the Information Commissioners Office which regulates data protection. 

Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. It can be contacted by telephone on 0303 123 1113 or by email on [email protected]