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Bringing men together to tackle physical and mental wellbeing

MAN v FAT helps men lose weight and boost their mental health

We are proud to celebrate the incredible achievements of our MAN v FAT Community, in helping men to tackle feelings of loneliness.

MAN v FAT is a male only weight loss programme that is designed for men who want to improve their fitness, mental and social wellbeing. What makes the programme unique however, is the group support from like-minded guys; there are always others in the same boat who are willing to offer words of support or to share their experiences.

We asked one of our MAN v FAT team members, Simon, about his experience. He told us, “The benefits of the program meant not only did I lose a considerable amount of weight I too gained some friends and improved my mental health along the way. I would recommend and have done to friends and family it’s been great for me a program even with my health issues I have achieved so much”.

“Lifting people up is what we do best at MAN v FAT…”

“Whether it’s part of our online community (MAN v FAT Challenge), or through our in-person leagues (MAN v FAT Football), we are proud to see like-minded men coming together to support each other, helping them feel connected and part of a team.” – MAN v FAT Coach

As a MAN v FAT member, you’ll also get access to support for your mental health and wellbeing with MAN v FAT Foundations.

Funded MAN v FAT places are now available in Surrey. If you’re interested in joining our team, click the button below to find out more.


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