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Important update: NHS Health Check Service

We have an important update to share regarding our NHS Health Check Service.

With the end of our NHS Health Check Service in March 2024, it is time to reflect on the incredible achievements and impact it has had on the residents of Surrey. Since March 2021, we have delivered over 4000 Health Checks, reaching individuals in workplaces, schools, community centres, and leisure centres across the county.

The NHS Health Check Service was introduced with the aim of helping people prevent the onset of various health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and kidney disease. Since its inception, it has been a crucial part of our service offering, enabling individuals to take control of their health and make informed decisions about their wellbeing.

Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the findings from our screenings:

  • High Blood Pressure: 890 individuals were found to have high blood pressure readings, exceeding 140/90. Early detection of high blood pressure is crucial, as it is a leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

  • High Cholesterol: 445 individuals were identified as having high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol contributes to the development of heart disease and is often preventable through lifestyle changes and appropriate medical interventions.

  • High Blood Glucose: 157 individuals had elevated blood glucose levels.

  • Irregular Pulse Rhythm: 26 individuals were found to have abnormal pulse rhythms.

  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment: 403 individuals were deemed to be at a higher risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event in the next 10 years due to lifestyle factors such as diet, weight, smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical activity. Having this fundamental knowledge empowers individuals to make positive changes and actively reduce their risk.

“On behalf of everyone here, thank you for your time yesterday. Staff really appreciated the opportunity, and you handled things brilliantly. You had a very calm and reassuring manner, much needed in a busy school! Thanks for fitting in with us and working around our needs”. St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School

“We have really loved the Health Checks here, you have literally saved lives! I have had a number of staff come in to say thank you, and that without this check they would never have known anything was wrong”. Godalming College

The NHS Health Check Service has made a significant and positive difference in the lives of many people in Surrey, and we are immensely proud of the impact we have made. As this incredible service draws to a close, our team would like to express our gratitude to all those who contributed to making health checks available to residents of Surrey.

None of this would have been possible without the support of numerous workplaces, schools, healthcare providers, community venues, and leisure centres that partnered with us. Their collaboration allowed us to reach a diverse range of individuals and deliver these essential screenings. We would also like to thank everyone who participated in their health check and took the initiative to prioritise their health.

For details regarding NHS Health Checks in Surrey, please visit the following websites: https://www.healthysurrey.org.uk/healthy-hearts/health-checks; or the YMCA (exclusive to the East Surrey area) at www.ymcaeastsurrey.org.uk.

One You Surrey will continue to provide free stop smoking and weight loss support in Surrey. Visit www.oneyousurrey.org.uk for more information and to sign up.


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