Smoking Cessation in Primary Care



One You Surrey & Primary Care


Across Surrey we have 32 stop smoking clinics, only 1 of which is located outside of a GP setting.



One You Surrey provide a service on behalf of a GP surgery free of charge so that their patients can receive the highest quality care possible in smoking cessation. Each patient is entitled to up to 12 weeks specialist behavioural support & and their own practitioner. Over the 12-week period, the patient will receive up to 3-hours contact time with us.



Quitting smoking is not a simple process. Our fully qualified stop smoking practitioners specialise in smoking cessation and build a strong relationship with the patient during these 12-weeks. We believe that this is why we are able to boast a 65% quit rate last quarter.




Download our referral form.

This can be filled in electronically and emailed to us at [email protected]

Training Available


All of our training is available free of charge and can be tailored where appropriate.


Level 1 Very Brief Advice Training

Suitable for groups of 2-30, lasting between 15-60 minutes.


Topics include:
Tobacco & E-Cigarette use
Efficacy of a stop smoking service
Raising the issue of smoking
What a client can expect
How to refer/access our service

(Due to COVID-19, this training is also available remotely via Teams/Zoom)


Level 2 Practitioner Training

Unfortunately, One You Surrey no longer provide this training. However, this can still be accessed online by clicking here.

Please get in contact if you would like further information about our training.