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Would you recognise alcohol dependency?

While drinking in moderation can be an enjoyable part of a balanced lifestyle, how can we tell if we’re becoming dependent on alcohol in our daily lives?

12 tips to help you drink in moderation 

Do you ever find yourself drinking to excess? It’s hard to find moderation with alcohol sometimes, but with our health and wellbeing at stake, there’s good reason to do so. Here’s our top tips to help. 

Switching to low-cal beers

With one pint of 4% lager containing around 180 cals, it’s easy to see how drinking can sabotage weight loss efforts. The good news is there are plenty of low calorie options out there.

Is alcohol a drain on your muscle gain?

Whether you’re a lapsed bodybuilder or you’re just starting out with strength training, it’s useful to understand how alcohol can affect muscle growth. After all, everyone wants to see definition from hard earned gains. 

Do you self-medicate your mental health with alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is not only accepted across many cultures, it’s encouraged. Readily available during celebrations and commiserations and a fixture in many homes, using it to manage feelings isn’t uncommon. 

10 tips for avoiding a hangover

If you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine, you’re probably not going to be feeling great in the morning. Boost your chances of avoiding a hangover with our tips. 

5 tips to keep your heart healthy

By making simple yet impactful changes to your lifestyle, you can prioritize your heart health and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.