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When to exercise

Morning run or evening HIIT session - when’s it best to exercise? Short answer: whenever is best for YOU! 

It’s a myth that there is one time of day that’s better than another for exercising. The key to enjoying exercise and therefore making it a part of your life for good is making it work for you. Here’s some things you might like to consider when working out the right time for you. 

What’s your daily routine?  

Consider your day. If you have long work hours or a busy schedule then regular short higher intensity workouts may be best. Squeeze a 10 minute session in before work or at lunch, with a longer weekend session if you’ve skipped a few days.  

When are you most motivated?   

Are you a morning person or a real night owl? The time when you feel most energised is the best time to exercise.  

Mix it up 

The NHS recommends we do 150 minutes of moderate activity a week and include two strength based activities. We don’t need to do this all in one go though, and it can be made up of any activity we like. You’ve got the choice of what to do and when. Running, cycling, walking, swimming…the list goes on! And it doesn’t have to be the same each week. Prevent yourself from getting tired or bored of exercise by mixing it up and trying new things. 

The most important thing to take away is that being active when you can is the best you can do so make exercise enjoyable for YOU! 


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