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Perceived cost of healthy foods

Learn how to make informed choices and prioritise your health without breaking the bank.

Many of us feel that eating a healthy diet means expense. Sure, if we choose to shop at a boutique delicatessen this can definitely be the case. If we go for exotic, unusual or the latest fad we can certainly spend more than we mean to.

But, do we bat an eyelid at paying £1 for one chocolate bar? Do we agonise over a £19.99 pizza deal? Do we call the bank manager over a crate of beer? Not often. How about paying £10+ for a pack of 20 cigarettes? It comes down to choice; choosing to be mindful about what we are putting in our shopping trolley and our bodies.

For some of us searching the supermarket aisles is draining, confusing and downright annoying. If we also have to make decisions about what is the healthiest and cheapest foods, we can soon become overwhelmed and end up sticking to what we know, our tried and tested favourites – and these are not always the healthiest. The key is to spend a bit of time before we reach the aisle, decide what we want to put in our bodies, what recipes we would like to have a go at this month and write a list that keeps the difficult decisions away from the bright lights and chaos of the supermarket.

Healthier foods can be costly but that depends on what is healthy to you. A costly “healthy diet” may come about when we find the next fad diet to follow and the book says you must buy avocado oil and eat only grass-fed beef that’s been massaged in the fields of Japan.

But in reality, for most of us a healthier diet means increasing our fruit and vegetable intake and eating less convenience and processed foods.

You can eat a healthy balanced diet on a budget.

Apples, bananas, broccoli, peas, plums, carrots and sweetcorn, these are all one of your 5 a day. These healthy foods are easily accessible and all of which we can purchase for under £1. Many supermarkets have weekly offers on fruit and veg for as little as 49p.

Choose where you shop for certain things. Buy frozen vegetables; this can minimise waste. Always look down the reduced isle, there are bargains to be had. Prepare your own meals from scratch and make enough to freeze a portion or two, soon you’ll have a freezer full of convenient meals you made yourself!

Now that sounds healthier.

At One You Surrey, we’re all about embracing small, simple changes that will help you to lose weight and live a happier, healthier life. If you would like free support to help you lose weight, complete our short referral form.


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