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Lorry used an e-cigarette to quit smoking

Lorry's journey to being smoke-free with the help of an e-cigarette

Lorry shares her quitting journey success using an e-cigarette to quit smoking with support from One You Surrey

What made you access One You Surrey?

I’d lost count of the number of times I’d given up smoking in my long life. The biggest success had been a smoke-free year, after which no doubt some crisis had got me rushing to the cigarette shop for ‘help’. Eventually my GP recommended One You Surrey and at last I was being pointed in the right direction.

“The story of a journey I never thought I’d complete”

I was prescribed Champix – two courses – which worked well but only until the novelty wore off (or some other crisis had put paid to my temporary success), followed by (in the absence of Champix, which had now been withdrawn from the market), nicotine patches and lozenges, then Zyban, both of which proved to be unsuitable for my underlying health issues.

Then through my adviser, the wonderful Greg, I learnt that OneYou was offering an e-cigarette. I had a good feeling about it. It had the potential to be a substitute, a pacifier, if you like, that would satisfy my habit of reaching for a prop when I needed help to calm my anxiety and stress. Which is exactly how it turned out to be.

How did an e-cigarette and the support from One You Surrey help you quit?

I found it relatively easy to drop from the high-strength nicotine to the medium and then the low-strength, and within the 12 weeks of the course it seemed I’d finally cracked my addiction to ‘real’ cigarettes. My ‘pacifier’ now satisfies my habit of smoking without bringing on the disgust I feel about the mess and unpleasant smells – and gives me the pleasure of seeing the white paintwork in my home staying white!

I’m so grateful to One You Surrey – and particularly to Greg, who has shown me the sympathy and encouragement I needed to get through this long journey to better health. Thank you, thank you.

How much money are you saving now you’re not buying cigarettes?

Based on the fact that Lorry used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, within one month of being smokefree she would save around £365 a month – that’s over £4000 per year!


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